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  1. 7:26 perfectly timed uppercut. It didn't land on the money but it was good enough. Demoralized him on the ground. Back to the feet.. caught him with the exact same uppercut baha.

    Bryce had a few moments but this was a damn near one sided fight. Look at all the sad ass Americans when they pan over the crowd lmao. LeTs gO bRaNdoN

  2. Mitchell being incredibly one dimensional didnt benefit him at all when his game got shut down. Relies way too heavily on wrestling and had to fall back on his sloppy striking

  3. No creo que bryce le ganara a topuria, pero con mejor cardio creo que hubiera dado mejor pelea. Ya empezando el segudno round se veía cansado

  4. "hE iS in BrYce MIthcEl's WoRLD"" – Topuria proceedes to demolish Bryce. Bruh these comentators are blind or for the purpose of betting. No real reflection of what the fuck is happening in the octagon.

  5. This is my favourite Topuria win, for two reasons; Firstly he was vastly overlooked because the wrong people skipped out on their homework. Secondly and more petty I love it when the american fanbase is humbled when acting stupid 🤣


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