Ian Machado Garry dismisses rumors about his personal life, believes in his marketing ahead of UFC 298

Ian Machado Garry has been getting a lot of attention lately, being mentioned alongside UFC champions such as Leon Edwards and Sean Strickland.

Garry is known for his deliberate approach to self-promotion, with his wife Layla Garry (also known as Layla Anna-Lee) being a key part of his team. Garry’s family is an important part of his strategy, as he aims to balance his MMA career with family life.

There have been rumors and jokes about Garry’s personal life, including speculation about his wife’s ex-husband, who happens to be his nutritionist. Despite the controversy, Garry stands by his decisions and wouldn’t change a thing.

Regardless of the debates about his approach, Garry’s efforts to generate interest and emotion have not gone unnoticed. The UFC recognizes the value of building up fighters like Garry, and he is certainly doing the legwork to keep the attention focused on him.


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