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Mixed martial arts (MMA) has been popular since the 1990s when Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) sought to determine the best fighting style. Now, UFC President Dana White is looking to grow a new combat sport, slap fighting, in the United States. The sport consists of two competitors taking turns trying to knock each other out with open-hand strikes. It is controversial due to potential head trauma, though proponents argue that it is safer than traditional boxing with gloves. The Power Slap League (PSL) debuted in 2023 with pre-recorded matches, but moneyline betting is expected in the future. SlapFIGHT Championship has been around longer in Europe and DraftKings Sportsbook has offered odds on matches. As of early 2023, only a few states have authorized wagering on slap fighting. PSL President Frank Lamicella has ambitious plans for gambling, including working with sportsbooks and other betting platforms. He has also discussed the possibility of dramatic odds swings due to who wins the coin toss. The PSL could be appealing to bettors due to its speed and the availability of information on competitors. With the help of UFC President Dana White, the Power Slap League is looking to gain traction in the United States and become a popular betting sport.


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