“He’s Taller Than Me and Works in a Kickboxing Style” – Tagir Khalilov Has Someone In Is Vision Who Might Present a Tougher Challenge Than Superlek Kiatmoo9

Russian Muay Thai fighter Tagir Khalilov is set to take on against Thai super star Superlek Kiatmoo9 in the primary occasion of ONE Fight Night 12: Superlek vs. Khalilov this Friday. While numerous might see Superlek as a difficult challenger, Khalilov thinks that his initial reservation against Elias Mahmoudi, the #5-ranked competitor in the department, would have provided more obstacles. Khalilov has actually been on a winning streak in his previous 2 battles in ONE, beating 2 Thai rivals in the preliminary. He now sets his sights on Superlek, who has actually likewise been on a dominant roll with 6 successive success, consisting of 2 World Title matches in flyweight kickboxing. However, Khalilov thinks that great boxing, footwork, and a kickboxing design will be the secrets to beating Superlek.


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