'The Rock' appointed to UFC, WWE's TKO Group board of directors

The UFC middleweight main event saw Jack Hermansson deliver a performance that showcased his experience and skill, leading him to a unanimous decision victory over Joe Pyfer at UFC Fight Night in Las Vegas.

Hermansson weathered Pyfer’s early onslaught of big blows and stayed composed throughout the fight, using jabs and leg kicks to gain an advantage as the fight progressed. “The Joker” rallied after a slow start to secure the win, demonstrating his ability to control the pace of the fight.

This was Hermansson’s fifth UFC main event, all of which have gone the full five rounds, showcasing his endurance and experience. Pyfer, on the other hand, had never been in a UFC main event before, highlighting the difference in their levels of experience.

Pyfer credited Hermansson’s calf kicks as a determining factor in the fight, admitting that he was hesitant to throw combinations to the body due to the threat of those kicks. By the third round, Pyfer’s left leg was visibly damaged, and Hermansson capitalized on this vulnerability.

Hermansson advocated for MMA legalization in his adopted home country of Norway during his post-fight interview, emphasizing the importance of the sport gaining recognition in the region.

The victory for Hermansson served as a setback for Pyfer, who was on a five-fight winning streak coming into the matchup. Despite the loss, Pyfer’s performance in his UFC debut showed promise, and he will look to bounce back in future fights.


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