Going Outside the Box at Goleta’s 9Round

9Round is a kickboxing fitness studio located in Goleta’s Target shopping center and owned and operated by the Estrella family. The gym welcomes beginners and offers certified trainers who help lead members through the circuit. The majority of members and trainers are women, and the oldest member is 75. To ensure safety during the pandemic, the gym offers a clean facility and a hand-sanitizing station. The workout is a circuit consisting of nine stations, starting with a warmup and ending with an ab/core round, and the workout changes every day. Members can participate in the challenge of the week and use a heart rate monitor to track their progress. Pad work is also available, which involves an instructor holding up pads for members to hit in a specific combination. The workout lasts about 30 minutes and is challenging enough to leave members exhausted and sore the next day. The gym also features energetic music and welcomes kids as young as 10. Through January 31, a promotional $99 membership is available.


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