At UFC 283, former champion Glover Teixeira announced his retirement from the Octagon after losing to newly crowned light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill in the main event. Fans can still stay connected to the UFC and its fighters by subscribing to get all the latest UFC content, visiting UFC FIGHT PASS, the digital subscription service of the UFC, and ordering UFC Pay-Per-Views on ESPN+ or non-U.S. locations. Furthermore, fans can purchase official UFC Gear, Memorabilia, and VIP Live Event Experiences from the UFC Store, UFC Collectibles, and Finally, fans can stay up-to-date with the UFC and UFC FIGHT PASS on social media.


  1. Glover is a class act and tough as nails. He put together great wins throughout his career as well as entertaining fights. Also, good on him for calling out the shitty behavior of the Brazilian fans. They are the worst.

  2. That crowd showed no respect to their own, Glover retired and half the arena was already cleared out. He deserved a standing ovation from all them. Respect to those who stayed and showed him the love he deserved!

  3. He was Chuck Liddell's protegé touted as that mythical prospect who just couldn't land his mark because of visa issues. He went on to become champ at an age many have already retired. And now he passes on the torch to his own protegé.

  4. Glover, você lutou até o fim como um guerreiro. Você é uma grande inspiração para todos nós. Você com mais de 40 anos conseguiu ser campeão. Você nunca desistiu e mesmo nesta luta você lutou até o fim com um cara muito mais novo e com mais velocidade por ser mais novo. Você é uma lenda

  5. how come Hill didn't have a coming out yet? His gestures, styles, movement is 100% (no offense) he should just confirm it, we all can see it, and at least he can be interesting at least in that way as a champion of UFC, because otherwise everything is so boring and forgetable about him…


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