Watch the thrilling showdown between Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland at UFC 293! Catch the full fight highlights and witness the intense matchup between these two UFC fighters. Don’t miss out on the action as Adesanya and Strickland go head to head in the octagon. Keep up with all the latest UFC fights and get ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience. #UFC293 #AdesanyavsStrickland #IsraelAdesanya #SeanStrickland #UFC4simulation
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  1. So we’re going to ignore the fact that the same thing happened to Connor AND Ronda after being given the opportunity of being on the cover of the new UFC game……… Seems like it’s baked into their contract. UFC and WWE go hand and hand. It all look staged half the time. And having Dana in control of everything doesn’t make it any better. UFC is the biggest illusion on the planet.

  2. Izzy didnt put in his all because he was disappointed in sean salein his soul to monster. So instead of giving a show izzy already knew sean was to win regardless so izzy didnt truly try. Sad to see how political UFC has become 😢.

  3. I feel like Israel lost on purpose so that he can rematch Strickland at the end of the year and win easily because if he had won now then he would had to fight khamzat and that fight is wayyyyy harder . Considering that he is a legacy fighter he won’t ruin it by fighting with khamzat . He is playing 4d chess I guess .


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