Image: Floyd Mayweather Jr - 'The Heist' exhibition tour - "5 countries in 9 months"

By Allan Fox: Floyd Mayweather Jr revealed today that he will be starting an exhibit trip called ‘The Heist’ in 2023, going to 5 nations in the next 9 months with his payment being ensured. Mayweather did not reveal who is moneying this trip, however its success will depend upon whether fans appear. If ticket sales are bad, a few of the 5 exhibit matches may be canceled. The 5 nations consisted of in the trip are the U.S.A., Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Germany. However, with the existing generation of boxing fans searching for worth for their cash, Mayweather’s Heist exhibit trip has the prospective to stop working, and he might require to retire from such occasions. Mayweather even acknowledged himself as the most active hustler in boxing, however after this trip, he may be required to discover another income source. One of the matches anticipated to include in the exhibit trip is in between Mayweather and influencer AnEsonGib; nevertheless, this may not offer in Japan, South Korea, or Australia.


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