Edgar Berlanga Drops Jason Quigley Four Times, Wins Unanimous Decision

In his very first fight after a year-long hiatus, Edgar Berlanga came close to ending his knockout dry spell within the eleventh hour. However, in spite of 4 knockdowns, Jason Quigley handled to make it through up until the bell, leading to an uneven defeat for him. Berlanga, on the other hand, declared a unanimous choice success with ratings of 116-108, 116-108, and 118-106. The fight happened at Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater in New York City and was relayed on DAZN.

Quigley’s battling design showcased his training under Andy Lee, whereas his previous defeat against Demetrius Andrade did not enable Lee’s impact to be seen. Utilizing a large position and high guard similar to Lee’s own profession, Quigley had a strong efficiency in the opening round. He periodically landed tidy punches with his straight right-hand man. While Berlanga stalked him and tossed ruthless punches, he was punished for striking on the break.

The pattern continued into the 2nd round as Quigley got self-confidence. He avoided Berlanga from releasing his right-hand man and had higher success with his own punches down the middle. In round 3, Berlanga used his jab to work his method inside, and in spite of Quigley’s infighting abilities, he cornered him and ultimately knocked him down with a left hook and an overhand right.

During the rounds, Quigley had a hard time to follow Lee’s suggestions to return to the fundamentals and integrate more feints. However, he handled to preserve a protective position after getting struck by a Berlanga uppercut in the 4th round.

Head fitness instructor Marc Farrait, who had actually directed Berlanga through his very first twelve battles, revealed his annoyance with his star customer’s efficiency in the corner. He advised him to utilize his jab and pursue success. Berlanga immediately reacted and had Quigley in difficulty within the very first minute of the 5th round. He protected a knockdown later on in the very same round with a left hook to the body, triggering Quigley to journey over his feet.

Despite a bloodied nose, Quigley combated his method back into the fight, using a constant jab that interfered with Berlanga, although it was not especially precise. Berlanga continued to push forward however was captured with a right-hand man late in the 6th round. Both fighters landed left hooks all at once in the seventh round, and remarkably, it was Quigley’s shot that had a higher effect.

In the Berlanga corner after the 8th round, there were issues about Quigley’s motion, which triggered the suggestions for Berlanga to not simply follow him around the ring. In round 9, Berlanga utilized a power jab and captured Quigley with an overhand right. Quigley countered with a thudding right to the body, and both fighters exchanged left hooks to the chin. Berlanga missed out on with an overhand right however ended the round with a strong jab.

Throughout rounds 10 and eleven, Berlanga prevented losing punches however had a hard time to cut off the ring efficiently. Quigley landed body shots, however Berlanga did not offer an adequate action. Additionally, Berlanga got a 2nd caution and a hazard of a point reduction for a low blow in the l lth round.

At the start of the twelfth and last round, there was a minute where a point reduction appeared impending for Berlanga after he tossed a punch throughout a break while Quigley was clinching. However, the referee revealed grace and advised him to keep it tidy. This minute fired up Berlanga, who provided his finest punch of the fight—an effective right-hand man behind a left hook—which rocked Quigley, triggering him to be up to his knees. Quigley handled to beat the count, however later on willingly dropped to his knee after Berlanga landed a left hand and ideal uppercut.

Quigley wound up with his 2nd loss in his last 3 battles, bringing his record to 20-3 with 14 knockouts. Berlanga, on the other hand, enhanced to 21-0 and extended his streak of battles going to the scorecards. This fight likewise marked the start of a multi-fight offer in between Berlanga and Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing.

[Jake Donovan, a senior writer for BoxingScene.com, has contributed to this article. His Twitter handle is @JakeNDaBox.]


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