Image: Eddie Hearn surprised by Teofimo Lopez retiring & vacating WBO title

According to Dan Ambrose, Eddie Hearn reveals surprise at Teofimo Lopez’s choice to retire and quit his freshly won WBO light welterweight title after beating Josh Taylor. Hearn prepares for Lopez’s ultimate return however keeps in mind that he will no longer hold a belt and will be thought about simply another competitor at 140 pounds. Hearn hypothesizes that Lopez might feel he does not need a title for trustworthiness and appeal amongst fans due to his existing appeal and wealth. Additionally, Hearn thinks holding a title would require Lopez to deal with difficult challengers in the department, and he concerns whether Lopez can beating the skilled fighters in the weight class. The British promoter likewise discuss the issues raised by Lopez’s fast giving up of his title, thinking about current remarks by fighter Errol Spence relating to approving charges enforced by the governing bodies. Hearn acknowledges the value of belts in boxing however points out examples of extremely expected battles that didn’t include titles. He likewise points out the significance of undeniable bouts and unifying the belts. However, he acknowledges that specific fighters like Canelo Alvarez might have reached a level where belts are no longer important.


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