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  1. Great victory 🥇 including 5 consecutive road wins 🎉. UNC $tarheels showing championship pedigree these past 10 games. That UK loss sparked a raging 🔥 5 alarm fire.. keep blazing the opposition trails to the ashes. All the way to the natty!!🏆🏀🏆🥇 💫 Stars are shining bright 🏀$tarHeels🥇 sweeping dook 🎉 Superbowl type win 💪👍

  2. ​​@veevee4461 ditto to dook also being in the 2024 tournament seeding convo🏆👍.. dook missed the tournament twice already this decade & has yet to win a final 4 game and reach the finals like us UNC $tar Heels 🎉🏆🏀🏆

  3. Talking about officiating is HILARIOUS when we just lost a game opposite of Duke's winning a game with the same bullshit, UNConly goes to the line more, because they aren't shooting outside at the same clip……

  4. Spent almost 20 mins talking about how great DUKE is academically, and blah, blah, blah…it was mostly two people! Super annoying and rude to imply that others are stupid and such they are UNC and DUKE fans that means they are better than others! Super lame show

  5. Duke fan here, can we now say caleb love was a cancer last year. I think carolina can get to the final 4. I think duke can become that but we are still growing. I think unc duke split both win at home


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