Former WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder has proposed an intriguing fight deal to Francis Ngannou. ‘The Predator’ was recently let go from the UFC and has since been the subject of several boxing calls. The Cameroonian has long expressed interest in the sport, having even made an appearance in the ring with Tyson Fury after his bout with Dillian Whyte. Now, Wilder has thrown his hat into the ring.

In an interview with Trill Boxing Talk, ‘The Bronze Bomber’ proposed a two-fight deal. The first bout would be under boxing rules, while the second would be in MMA. Wilder even suggested that at least one of the fights take place in Africa.

“I’m still interested in that fight; I would love to do that one in Africa. I know he’s [Ngannou] doing his own thing, I’m proud of him for following his heart, doing what he feels. I’m very interested in it, let’s do it man. Two big, black superheroes. I even thought about this idea: Let’s make it a two-fight deal. Everybody always comes to boxing, let’s do this: You come to my [sport], I’ll come to yours. You come to my house, I’ll come to yours. I’m a true warrior. I’m serious about that, too. I wanna do something different since everybody doing this crossover between combat sports.”

Given both men’s notorious knockout power, this would be an exciting clash of titans. Now that Ngannou is a free agent, he has yet another lucrative fight offer on the table. Do you think Francis Ngannou and Deontay Wilder should fight?



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