De La Hoya Admits Childhood Abuse From His Mom In 'The Golden Boy' HBO...

Oscar De La Hoya discovered himself caught in the personality he had actually produced throughout the years. The media commemorated his perfect efficiency in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, where he won a Gold medal, devoting his triumph to his late mom Cecilia. Throughout his expert profession, De La Hoya continued to stress this story, gazing towards the paradises throughout pre-fight face-offs, representing his mom’s existence.

However, what was missing out on from this public image was the physical and psychological discomfort De La Hoya sustained throughout his tough youth. He clearly kept in mind an event at the age of 5 when he directly prevented being struck by a vehicle. Instead of getting convenience, his mom physically penalized him. These memories, together with others, sustained him when he ultimately entered the boxing ring.

The story of his kind and caring mom, who unfortunately never ever lived to see her child’s Olympic victory, was a story that De La Hoya was motivated to welcome. However, what he really required was the caring welcome he never ever got, an awareness that just pertained to him several years later on, after an effective profession in expert boxing.

De La Hoya openly shared, “My soul is separated from my body. I disliked being struck by her.” He exposed that he was the only one amongst his brother or sisters subjected to such extreme abuse. Nevertheless, he discovered an outlet in boxing, utilizing his challenger’s face as a representation of his mom’s existence, enabling him to release his feelings in the ring.

Despite the dark memories, there were still decisive moments in the story he represented. Cecilia existed at the 1990 Goodwill Games to witness his triumph, even missing out on a chemotherapy session. However, De La Hoya was sorry for never ever having the opportunity to totally reveal his love for her, specifically throughout their last encounter in the healthcare facility.

In 2000, De La Hoya and his brother or sisters honored their mom by developing the Cecilia Gonzalez De La Hoya Cancer Center in Los Angeles.

Author Jake Donovan clarifies this individual element of De La Hoya’s life, highlighting his battles and the intricacy of his relationship with his late mom.


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