The much-anticipated grudge match between David Benavidez and Caleb Plant was a showdown for the ages, with both fighters giving it their all in a four-fight mega-card. Despite being unbeaten, Benavidez had to work hard to earn a unanimous decision victory over his rival Plant. Don’t miss any more exciting action; sign up through the links below for reminders about upcoming Championship Boxing and Bellator events. And be sure to subscribe to the SHOWTIME Sports YouTube channel for more amazing fights and knockouts. Stay connected with the latest news and updates from SHOWTIME Sports, SHOWTIME Boxing, SHOWTIME Basketball, ALL THE SMOKE, BELOW THE BELT with Brendan Schaub, MORNING KOMBAT, INSIDE THE NFL, and more by following them on social media and their official websites.
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  1. Worst ref in boxing he wanted plant to hug his way to a decision Corrupt and his boy still took a beating . He looked angry Benavidez was whooping his boy

  2. I think after this and the Canelo fight we can see Caleb is a 6 round fighter against top opposition. Up until then he looked sharp. Not sure if it’s a gas tank issue or if he just crumbles after getting hit in the 6-7th round but it’s been proven now. Take nothing from Benavidez tho, dude came to kill

  3. These DB haters are upset that he beat that hype boy Caleb. So now they say DB can't beat Canelo but was rooting for Plant to beat Canelo. Well hype boy got his butt beat by 2 Hispanics. And C.Plant don't want no Charlo smoke. I like Canelo and DB. Much respect to them for getting that hype guy out of there.

  4. Lame af caleb soft plant had rules for David hair because braid’s contains oil,🥸 but he’s got a 6inch beard that can potentially help for padding to the chin+ the ring 🏈field+ref bayless all that was mandated by plant and he still got his ass handle! Benavidez still can’t get credit!🤷🏾‍♂️💯

  5. Plant does not have variation and angles when it comes to his punches. He needs to be in a certain position to be able to throw something. Meanwhile David was just throwing anything and everything at whatever angle they were in.

  6. Rewatched the whole fight and realized it should have been a draw(plant won 1-5, and 7 round)…Many of us were blindfolded with the benavidet onslaught from 8round on, but in boxing every round from 1 to 12 counts, where tf was benavidez from 1 to 7 round, he could n' to shit), that is why plant continue to fight, and to be honest benavidez again was not so dominant in 8 round and again in the last one, so just because plant was hurt that doesn't mean shit…

  7. I really want to hear from Caleb post fight… getting in peoples head. I’m wondering how his head is doing. His honest thoughts about ‘power’ and comparisons with canelo. I watched the canelo fight and he did not try to blatantly hold as he did. It was more of arm and glove clinches versus a body clinches. He needs to get in that gym and figure out what to do in the later rounds against these top people who have a chin, stamina, and pressure.

  8. No shame in Plants game..He's still better at 168 than anybody not named Canelo or Benavidez. He's been through the fire twice and will have good experience from that. This isn't the last time we'll hear his name.


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