At the post-fight press conference for UFC 288 in Newark, NJ, Dana White discussed various noteworthy moments from the event in a conversation with MMA Junkie and other journalists.

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  1. 11:20 love how this guy took it to Dana. We need more MMA journalists asking hard questions like this and not being afraid of being lashed out on from dickhead Dana

  2. If Aljo wants to fight in september the let him fight in september.sounds like Dana wants him there as soon as possible,thats just messed up. I dont like Aljo but he should have a rest before fighting.

  3. So the new thing is having opponents sitting in the stands and then coming in the ring to talk shit? How WWE of them. So disrespectful to the person who just won. Dana White's destruction continues.

  4. Props to the journalist who wasn’t just there sucking Dana’s balls and respectfully pressed him on power slap. Very funny to hear Dana get triggered and lie/spin it

  5. I dont think omally can beat sterling. He might have a better chance against cejudo. And they both hate each other so why not. Gonna get cejudo mad if sterling gets his tuneup

  6. The way UFC works Aljo might be stripped of the belt for some reason or injured, and Cejudo and O'Malley will fight in Boston on the August PPV for the interim 135 belt.

  7. 15:00 it's a shame. 2 ethnically Jamaican champions right now. It would be cool to do a Carribean. Commonwealth Vs Yankees lol. Have du plessis colonizer on the card too .

  8. 11:14 honestly. I don't hate slap I just wish it had its own dedicated page. But yeah he got one… I hope he takes on more I want bare knuckle UFC division. Or a ufc boxing division …

    One fc does grappling..muay all in one card.

    Imagine ufc cards with bare knuckle, slap, then mma.


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