Introducing the Dynamic Duo: Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler, the powerhouses of coaching in #tuf31! Experience the exhilarating journey with them in the mind-blowing trailer for TUF31.

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  1. People can talk and say whatever. He paid the price because of his whiskey and he couldn't leave it off table. Money and fame comes with a price which he paid but still not to many can do what he did or have his legacy or fortune inside UFC! So you can hate him all you want . I wonder what all of you haters would have done in his place..let me tell you, Nothing! 🤦

  2. Connor fishing for a price here. How much does a dive cost in the Chandler verse. Thats never gonna happen. What we can look forward to instead is Chandler standing over Conner laying in some thick ground n pound and "lets talk business b****. Lets talk business"😅


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