'The Rock' appointed to UFC, WWE's TKO Group board of directors

The UFC is gearing up for an upcoming class-action antitrust case, with a lineup of well-known fighters and managers set to testify on behalf of the organization. Current star Michael Chandler, UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping, and retired fighter Chael Sonnen are among the expected witnesses for the defendants. Other fighters like Miesha Tate and Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone are also listed in the trial brief.

Additionally, prominent MMA managers including Ali Abdelaziz and Jason House are expected to testify in support of the UFC. The plaintiffs in the case are former UFC fighters who claim the organization monopolized the market for elite professional MMA fighter services, leading to suppressed wages.

The trial is set to begin in Las Vegas on April 15, but there may be a delay due to scheduling conflicts. The UFC denies the allegations of anticompetitive behavior and maintains that the case is an “attack on success.” The fighters in the class action suit are seeking damages ranging from $894 million to $1.6 billion.


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