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Stay as much as date on the current MMA news with us! At UFC 283, Brandon Moreno was assaulted by fans in Brazil and video of the occurrence has actually distributed online. Ariel Helwani has actually reacted to the occurrence, and Moreno himself has actually responded to the run-in. Furthermore, video of Charles Oliveira being bombarded by fans in Brazil has actually been launched. Gilbert Burns has actually exposed that he fulfilled Colby Covington, and the discussion they had. Lastly, Demetrious Johnson shared his ideas on Ngannou decreasing the UFC’s $8 million deal. Be sure to have a look at the links above for more MMA news!
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  1. Colby is a good dude at heart. He's a CHARACTER to make money. Its dictated by the fight game and he responded.
    He's a beast of a fighter and tougher than most on that roster.

  2. Honestly,me as a Mexican.I really thought Brazilian people were a little bit more professional and not sore losers.Making Does Santos,Nogueira,Jose Aldo and many more fighters look bad.Mexican fighters legacy,win or lose keep it real.Look at Qatar,Mexico lost but kept it fun and making other people laugh, Mexico people kept it real.Not sore losers.

  3. Brasil fans so disrespectful :(((( they throw bottles and fighters, they are animals and monkeys
    let's learn from the americans how to kill and bomb thousands of innocents middle east people :))))))))


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