Boxing results, highlights, roundup: Frank Martin survives scare, Alic...

An interesting night of boxing unfolded on Saturday, showcasing 2 fascinating centerpieces. Alicia Baumgardner effectively safeguarded her indisputable incredibly light-weight champ title against Christina Linardatou on DAZN, while Frank Martin had a challenging time against Artem Harutyunyan however eventually protected the win in a WBC light-weight title remover on Showtime. These battles will likely cause considerable chances for both Baumgardner and Martin in their boxing professions.

Baumgardner dealt with a hard obstacle against Linardatou, who had actually beat her in 2018, marking her only profession loss. However, Baumgardner showed her enhanced abilities by controling the preliminary with effective punches. Despite Linardatou’s subsequent hostility in the following rounds, Baumgardner’s precise shots to the body and head showed to be the turning point. In completion, Baumgardner took a unanimous choice triumph with ratings of 98-92.

Martin, the preferred entering into the fight, had a hard time to manage Harutyunyan’s pressure in the early rounds. Harutyunyan’s unrelenting attack avoided Martin from developing a constant offense. It wasn’t till the 6th round that Martin discovered his rhythm and provided heavy blows that had Harutyunyan having a hard time. However, Harutyunyan stayed resistant and restored control in the subsequent rounds. With the fight apparently escaping, Martin rallied in the last rounds, landing tidy shots and almost knocking Harutyunyan down. Martin’s unrelenting pressure required Harutyunyan to take a knee in the last minute of the fight. The knockdown showed essential in protecting Martin’s narrow triumph. The scorecards check out 114-113, 115-112, and 115-112, all in favor of Martin.

These outcomes have considerable ramifications for both fighters. Baumgardner’s win strengthens her indisputable incredibly light-weight champ status, showing her development as a fighter considering that her loss to Linardatou. Meanwhile, Martin’s triumph, although not as dominant as anticipated, keeps him in the mix as a competitor in the extremely competitive light-weight department. However, there will require to be a reassessment of Martin’s position amongst the leading competitors after his underwhelming efficiency.

In addition to the centerpieces, there were other noteworthy results. Andy Cruz beat Juan Carlos Burgos through consentaneous choice, showcasing his abilities as a previous Olympic silver medalist and an elite possibility. Jermaine Franklin likewise won by consentaneous choice against Isaac Munoz however stopped working to impress against his lesser-known challenger.

Elvis Rodriguez provided a remarkable efficiency, protecting a seventh-round TKO triumph over Viktor Postol. Although Postol’s finest days lag him, Rodriguez’s display screen of power and precision was good.

Overall, it was an eventful night of boxing, including both accomplishments and difficulties for the fighters included. These outcomes will unquestionably form their future professions in the sport.


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