Don’t miss out on BKFC 40, live from the UK at a unique start time of 2PM EST! Witness Anthony Holes take on Danny Christie in an epic light heavyweight battle! To watch the event, simply order below:

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– Anthony Holmes vs. Danny Christie
– Luke Nevin vs. Franco Tenaglia
– Rico Franco vs. Axel Birbes
– Robbie Kennedy vs. Conor Cook
– Tom Scott vs. Damian Gorski
– Jonny Graham vs. Will Cairns
– Lee Browne vs. Dawid Oskar
– Morgan Starkey vs. Marius Radoi
– Rob Cunningham vs. Wain Morgan
– Arron Blakey vs. Naff Higson

– 2PM EST: Get Ready with the Preview Party on Youtube, BKFC+ App & FITE TV
– 3PM EST: Enjoy the Free Prelims on BKFC+ App, Youtube & FITE TV
– 4PM EST: Catch the Main Card on BKFC+ App, Youtube Pay-Per-View, FITV TV, Local Cable and Satellite Pay-Per-View

Fight card subject to changes.
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  1. Announcer: "Like I said, Chasta Symonds did a good job of being elusive in there….."

    WTH were u watchin'?
    Catapulting yourself forward towards your opponent w your chin n the air, mouth LITERALLY wide open, arms windmilling in every direction EXCEPT the direction u need to hit, only to be batted around so your body flops about like a fish out of water.. is NOT "being elusive."
    I don't know where they find some of these people but it's fascinating listening to these announcers trying to polish the coal they toss into the ring & sell it like it's an up & coming diamond in the ruff.

  2. Funny thing is everything he says about the fight and Mike is the opposite of what happens say he's a champ he don't quit yeah he rocked mike bad but Mike kept attacking moving forward and then lands clearance himself it didn't do much knockout damage but still made you quit from a chipped tooth and a split lip you are soft go talk to Jason knight if you wanna see that

  3. I’d like to see the damage report on that first fight. Braizer took some crazy damage. That’s one bad mofo and didn’t do bad at all considering Christie is a pro boxer.

  4. I don't mind bare knuckles, but, so easy to get cut and have the fight stopped, I wouldn't be opposed to using mma gloves or something similar, mainly to stop the nasty cuts


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