Catch all the action at BKFC 35, broadcasting live on Friday, January 27th at 8PM EST from the Myrtle Beach Sports Center in Myrtle Beach, SC. In the highly anticipated Welterweight Title Eliminator, Gorjan “Gogo” Slaveski (4-0) will be putting his perfect record on the line against Yosdenis Cedeno (2-0) in the main event. The fight card also features Justin Scoggins vs Keith Richardson, Andy Nguyen vs Veronika Dmitriyeva, and many more exciting matchups. Doors open at 7:00PM EST and the first bout begins at 8:00PM EST. Get your tickets now or watch for free on the BKFC app, available for download at Please note that the fight card is subject to change.
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  1. Fu^k that ! I think I would rather take on a freight train , at least the train would have decency to kill you , RESPECT to all the fighters in this series , mean m/fu%kers one and all .💪

  2. Hats off to the promoters and the scouts,skill level and determination of all these fights were very evenly matched all fights could have went either way !
    Whoever you are you sir deserve to have your hand raised !!!!
    BKFC is the top fighting sport for me
    The fight game has never been so exciting !
    Thanks to all fighters and promoters and commentators,officials ,
    Just a very well organized and pleasurable event and ring girls are really easy on the eyes

  3. 1:32:56 yo a blatantly illegal punch that just doesn’t get mentioned this is why this sport isn’t taken Seriously your refs pick and choose when they actually wanna do there jobs that’s why people stopped watching boxing in the past because the refs were just being bribed and picking sides with fighters the bkfc need to get there rules straight like can you punch em on the ground or not some fights you can’t and than other fights lit completely ignored just pathetic

  4. Well I hope Morris is ok and didn't get any permanent damage to his eye because some 6"2' guy doesn't want to get hit by someone his own height. Morris did exceptionally well against someone with a 6.5 inch reach advantage and all commentators were saying was how good a fighter Brown was. All I saw was some John Jones wanna be fighting against the little guy. 145lbs @6"2' (as a feather weight!) even if he fought against some his own height he still might have had a 2 inch reach advantage.
    I get more enjoyment out of these fights when both are not only similar weight but also similar height and reach. Hats off to Morris , I hope you make a full recovery.
    Just watched the next fight…FFS.. Like watching bullies beating up little kids, no enjoyment here at all.

  5. Was expecting more from slaveski. Those first two rounds were hilarious. Hope he puts in the work and refines his skill. Was hoping to see a better version then the last time but he seemed to regress

  6. 24:46 let me now run search YT for "Gorjan losses" hahahah he looks like a scared bk version of Floyd Runbetter. Just run and throw lunging jabs and claim a GREAT victory. He got one lucky punch early that caused a knock down. bah.


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