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  1. Volk won. Its the UFC, "fighting championship" wrestling and ju jitsi isn't fighting. Volk was the better fighter. Ufc could be so much more if the scoring was about fighting. I hate mma and only watched for volk. People want fighting. Not jordi 69ing danny d for 25 minutes

  2. Michael! Is Mardi Gras! You can crash on my couch! We live walking dinner to the French Quarter! We have tons of costumes so you don't have to worry about your buddy sucker punching you!

  3. He isn't P4P at all. A featherweight took on a bigger man and took it to him, so he retains P4P status. Look at Islam's face when he had the body lock, then his face round 4 and 5, he was breaking. Islam went from stoic to "holy fuck." Volk wins with 1 more round.

  4. im gonna lose my mind when any person talks about, oh dustin/conor/chandler are next…like HOW TF do u come to that conclusion. 2 of his last 6 were title fights and his best win there was michael chandler. chandler is actually ass right now, and conor is also ass. soon to be a 3 way circle between those 3 fighting eachother, and guess what, none of them deserve a title shot until a 10 fight win streak minimum. benny is next, its a fact, and no one is even close to deserving a title shot tbh. we're in a state where there is only one person, by a long shot, who even deserves to think about a title shot. charles is a decently far 2nd for me. then fiziev/arman.

  5. I honestly believe that volk won. 3 rounds to 2. Pressing more of the action and he landed more significant strikes plus the knock down in round 5. You have to give it to volk. I'm not knocking islam he was great it was close. But volk was the fresher fighter after 5 rounds. Period anyone says different didnt watch it.

  6. At the very least it was a draw. But I still think Volk had that one. He did more damage, was more impressive, had plenty of gas, and bounced up super quick from the take down attempts. The judges would do a better job if they actually watched the fights

  7. I am an Islam's fan but honestly I don't mind saying that volk is p4p for sure the way he fights his movement his Wrestling defense everything on point what an amazing fighter he is!


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