During the post-match press conference, Welterweight Belal Muhammad talked about his next potential opponent, expressing interest in challenging the winner of the Edwards vs Covington fight for a chance at the title.

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  1. I was soo excited and just happy for Belal he won. The UFC stayed trying to serve him a L. Back when Luque was on a win streak, Wonderboy, Seam Brady and then they wanted him to fight Shavkat. Hell, i remember he was calling out Khamzat. Good win Belal. AND NEW 2023!!!

  2. I like him but I definitely don't see him beating khamzat. No way lolol. I can see him beating Colby too perhaps. But he will have serious problems with Leon Edward's and definitely khamzat. But I really do like bilal. Very down to earth and brave guy.

  3. They only booed him because he is Arab and Muslim, the unbiased hate and bigotry Christians have for Muslims is beyond shameful.
    BTW, He still beat your Boy 🙂 Don't F come back at me with a stupid comment, I am not Muslim u hating fools

  4. Belal was getting his ass handed to him by Leon. Listen to this guy it's hilarious like he had a shot in that fight to win. It was probably better for his stock that is I got poked because you would have lost that fight. Stop holding on this s*** dude you lost that day, it was going to happen, move on.

  5. Tell me you hate muslim fighters without direct telling me?
    When a muslim fighter wrestle ohh he is so boring but when a non muslim fighter wrestle wow he is a killer😂 colbaby wrestled the whole fight with masvidal but what an entertaining fighter a killer but when bilal wrestles ohh boringgg, when khabib went for the take down and finished gaethje ohh if khabib hadn't gone for a take down and choosed to strike with gaethje he would've outstruked him but when jon went for a take down and finished gane ohh the goat is returned 😂 and if fracis vs jon happens and jons chooses to immediately go for wrestling and take downs no one is going to say ohh boringg he can't strike with francis 😂 the bottom line is they hate muslim fighters and whether its bilal khabib islam thats the real issue and won't accept the truth that muslim fighters are just dominating ufc so they would come up with delusional lame excuses to feed their hate towards muslim fighters.

  6. Belal gets a lot of hate bc MMA fans are mostly stupid hillbillies regardless of where they are from. They cheer Trump and boo Belal, DC, Khabib. If you are Muslim or not white, the only way they will cheer you is if you're a crackhead like Jones or a crazy clown like Khamzat. But if you're a decent human being you'll get booed.


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