Witness the epic battle between the Professional Brazilian Middleweight MMA Fighter and UFC Champion, Anderson Silva, aka “The Spider”, and the YouTube Star, Jake Paul, known as “The Problem Child”, in the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, USA on October 29, 2022. Don’t miss out on the spectacular boxing match in HD and its highlights! Make sure to share and subscribe!


  1. Too much of a coincidence for jp to win all fights without even loosing or taking a beating clearly something's not right lol. But for those saying that boxing can not be payed to win, with the way how the govt is running these days. You'll should get hint that it is very possible for boxing to fall into corruption. It is entertainment after all it's a money making business.

  2. Why is jake SO SCARED OF FIGHTING A DECENT MMA FIGHTER- IN THE OCTAGON??? FEAR FEAR FEAR!!! full stop!!! Jake will not fight any one he would be closely matched with! Definitely not in mma! Only sub par boxing matches. FIGHT SOMEONE WORTHY- YOUR A FRAUD, you can box but you aint as good as you think mate

  3. I personally think Silva had most of those rounds. Nevertheless…after watching this fight. There is no way in hell Jake could beat Tyson. Tyson would be fresh the first 3 rounds an Rock ole'Jake Paul. Now who don't wanna see that fight..I sure wish Tyson would come back for a least 3 rounds. I think he could do it. Tyson in his prime would have knocked that fool out in the first round!!!!


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