Yair Rodriguez proved to be a force to be reckoned with in his fight against Josh Emmett, showcasing his impressive kicking abilities and improved Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills. Fans were left curious about the setup for his body kick and triangle choke. Many are wondering if he will have a chance against Volkanovski in the future. Don’t forget to check out our merch store for exclusive designs! As always, thank you for supporting our channel. For business inquiries, please contact us at the provided email.

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  1. Emmet is finished in the featherweight division while Max , Alex and Yair are around. He should consider moving up to lightweight and hope for something in that division or else retire and do something new with his life

  2. We all knew Yair had very high potential, whether or not he could piece it all together was the question. And he is piecing it all together. He looked incredible in this fight, He is so well rounded and dangerous from absolutely anywhere. Featherweight is already a solid division but Yair getting in the mix could make things a lot more exciting

  3. This wasn’t really even a contest. Almost every attack by Josh was him lowering his head and throwing his overhand. Great performance by Yair. His flexibility and dexterity are ridiculous. Volk will win by decision

  4. I think Volk will do finee. He’ll have to figure out how to time and get in with Yair kicks, but I wouldn’t pay attention to his striking too much against Islam. It’s clear he focused on the wrestling part and thought he could just run through Islam on the feet. His next camp will be more striking focused.

  5. Was super surprised how dominant Yair was and how desperately wild punching Emmett became. Thought this fight would be way closer.
    Big props to Yair though and makes me think now he has a good chance against Volk, which I never would have thought before this event


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