Come join Din Thomas, a UFC coach, analyst, and former TUF contestant, along with ‘Suga’ Rashad Evans, a former light heavyweight champion and TUF 2 winner, as they provide weekly recaps of the latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor vs Team Chandler.

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  1. YESSS RICO 🎉Just watched it in Dublin ye brought it home man..I havnt screamed at the telly like that in a long time Soooo so PROUD Well done..RESPECT 💯..🇮🇪❤🇺🇸

  2. What if what they say about McGrwegor white privilege is right, hear me out, Dana could not let him get a sweep of the TUF season and he gives the last Chandler fighter a future contract and money to lose the fight so McGregor gets at least one win and avoids the first sweep in TUF history, I know it is a long shot, but what if I am onto something here? Maybe I will know in the near future what happens to Chandler's fighter Hunter Azure, if he disapears from the radar then I am wrong.

  3. The way Rico came back after that brutal ground and pound and the first and how he handle himself under pressure just to come back in the second round and do that knowing what was at stake. Is just beyond heart and good composure

  4. He ended up with all the vets of course he almost got a clean sweep lol anyone that really knows MMA knew that was going to happen the second we found out chandler had all the vets


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