Get ready for the 2024 Super Bowl with our expert betting guide! Join our panel of experts as they analyze the showdown between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. With exclusive insights into picks, predictions, odds, player props, and best bets, you’ll have everything you need to secure a win this NFL season.

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  2. #1 and 2 seeds … win about 74% of the SBs…since 1976. #1 seeds 53%. #2 20.4%, #3: 4%. Taking that #3 seed is on the wrong side of probability but again, we cant really predict turnovers or mishaps, brainfarts.

  3. Took KC and the over. Got that at +2 to 8 and 41.5 for the over. I actually like SF to win this thing. Better team. KC does have it factor, but Eagles had that last yr and did not get it done at SB. I am not ignoring the entire season and just looking at KC play recent. 2 weeks off can reset some things. Good luck. BTW, i like to look at Yds per drive along with Yards per play. You r getting explosiveness from the YPP but u need Yrds per drive for consistency. Also points per drive as well. You want a team that gets first downs at a high rate. SF does that btw. Good pace of play info. Damn.

  4. The Chiefs & Patrick Mahomes will repeat for the first time since the 2003-2004 Patriots. The 2023 49ers will be a forgotten loser that will fall into the long list of nondescript teams and QBs that lost the Super Bowl. Brock Purdy will soon be Rich Gannon, Kerry Collins, Jake Delhomme, Chris Chandler, and Stan Humphries. Brock was a nice story, though.
    Chiefs are a LOCK!

  5. holy shit, you need a new host! i have to fast forward past that kelly chick! her voice is so grating! does she smoke a packet of smokes before the show or something? she is either a heavy smoker or she has GERD and her stomach acid comes up into her throat and makes it annoyingly straining or something. very difficult to listen to. she really should see a doctor, it doesnt sound healthy.


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