Image: Trainer BoMac wants Golovkin or Benn for Eubank Jr's next fight

Coach Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntire is trying to find Gennadiy Golovkin or Conor Benn to be Chris Eubank Jr’s next challenger. Eubank Jr. is a domestic-level fighter with a well-known daddy who hasn’t revealed much aspiration in battling leading competitors. However, he is attracted by the cash and popularity that would include dealing with the non-active Golovkin in the UK.

Eubank Jr. has a couple of benefits over Golovkin, consisting of youth, speed, activity, and athleticism. However, Eubank Jr. tends to clinch and get his challengers, which might position a difficulty against Golovkin who is experienced at breaking devoid of clinches and continuing to punch.

On the other hand, Golovkin has benefits over Eubank Jr., consisting of power, skill, pedigree, body punching, chin, and ring IQ. It would be challenging for Eubank Jr. to count on clinching as his primary protective technique against Golovkin.

The possibility of Eubank Jr. getting Golovkin to accept the fight depends upon the monetary deal. If adequate cash is on the table, Golovkin may accept the bout as long as he can find out how to handle Eubank Jr’s clinching techniques.

Conor Benn would be a simpler fight to set up, however it may need to wait up until next year as he has a tune-up fight arranged for September 23rd.

Coach Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntire supports Eubank Jr. in pursuing his objectives and acknowledges Golovkin as a harmful challenger if he remains active in the health club. He likewise obstacles Conor Benn to step up and face Eubank Jr.

In summary, Coach Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntire is thinking about either Gennadiy Golovkin or Conor Benn as Chris Eubank Jr’s next challenger, revealing interest in both matches.

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