Image: Keyshawn Davis Questions Andy Cruz: "Why Is the Gold Medalist Chasing?"

Keyshawn Davis, a light-weight competitor, playfully points out that he is still waiting on the agreement to be sent out by Andy Cruz’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, for a possible fight in between them.

Titled “The Contract That Never Came,” Hearn had actually assured to send out the agreement to Keyshawn if Cruz emerged triumphant in his current match against Brayan Zamarripa. Despite Cruz quickly winning the fight, Hearn stopped working to follow through with sending out the agreement to Keyshawn. The gifted Cuban fighter has actually beat Davis 4 times in amateur matches, showing his supremacy over him.

Hearn revealed doubt in Keyshawn’s capability to beat Cruz, however still revealed interest in seeing them take on. However, it appears that Keyshawn had little interest in the fight, as evidenced by his deleted tweet asking for the agreement from Hearn.

In a social networks post, Keyshawn revealed his confusion over the scenario, questioning why a gold medalist like Cruz would be pursuing a silver medalist like himself. He highlighted the non-traditional nature of this match, mentioning that it is unusual for a gold medalist to chase a silver medalist in boxing history.

Cruz’s inspiration to difficulty Keyshawn most likely comes from his desire to improve his track record by beating an acknowledged challenger and climbing up the rankings while doing so. This tactical relocation might raise Cruz’s standing and increase his appeal in the boxing world.

The post likewise consists of a link to a YouTube video, showcasing the continuous conversation surrounding Keyshawn and Cruz’s possible match.


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