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  1. Great fight, heartbreaking for Warrington, but Lee Wood has some tools in his toolbox. He found one eventually to get the job done. Both tremendous fighters and a rematch would be massive and bring even more for them both. Well done boys , Forrest 1 Leeds 0

  2. Leigh Wood is a hero. He CHOSE to fight Lara when he didn't have to, a huge risk. Warrington and Lara wanted another fight, but Leigh forced himself into the conversation, then forced it again when he insisted on a rematch. Then he picks Warrington, and stops him. He basically took the Warrington-Lara rivalry, tore it up, and stopped the both of them and said look lads, Im the champ here. What a man.

  3. He over done it no gas n missing then hit n no gas left needed pace n more target instead over pacing and throwing too wild could see it few rounds b4 was tiring , shame but great fight

  4. Josh has never been the same after getting stopped by Lara the first time.. after that I think his chin was gone and he was ripe for the pickings.. great fighter but perhaps time to hang it up. He's had a phenomenal career to this point, nothing wrong with him walking away


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